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How Do You Place Value?

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What’s a Black life worth?

When it’s nonviolent.

When its hands are raised high.

When it screams ‘I can’t breathe’ or

‘Make us Free?’

Or ‘I will not be moved.’


What’s a Black life worth?

What’s a black life worth to you?

It keeps growing and fighting 

And striving for more.


It’s been pulled from African Kingdoms.

Tossed over the Ocean Floor.

Lost its traditions and family tree.



What Will You Do Now?


The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world, and a third of U.S. prisoners are black. In this infuriating documentary, director Ava DuVernay argues that mass incarceration, Jim Crow and slavery are “the three major racialized systems of control adopted in the United States to date.”

I Am Not Your Negro

Narrated by the words of James Baldwin with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, I Am Not Your Negro connects the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter. Although Baldwin died nearly 30 years before the film’s release, his observations about racial conflict are as incisive today as they were when he made them.

Whose Streets?

The 2014 killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Mo. was one of the deaths that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. Frustrated by media coverage of unrest in Ferguson, co-directors Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis documented how locals felt about police in riot gear filling their neighborhoods with tear gas. As one resident says, “They don’t tell you the fact that the police showed up to a peaceful candlelight vigil…and boxed them in, and forced them onto a QuikTrip lot.”

LA 92

LA 92 is about the Los Angeles riots that occurred in response to the police beating of Rodney King. The film is entirely comprised of archival footage — no talking heads needed. It’s chilling to watch the unrest of nearly 30 years ago, as young people still take to the streets and shout, “No justice, no peace.”

Teach Us All

Over 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, American schools are still segregated. Teach Us All explains why that is — school choice, residential segregation, biased admissions processes — and talks to advocates working for change. Interspersing interviews from two Little Rock Nine members, the documentary asks how far we’ve really come.

Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise

In this two-part series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. chronicles the last 50 years of black history through a personal lens. Released days after the 2016 election, some themes of the documentary took on a deeper meaning amid Donald Trump’s win. “Think of the civil rights movement to the present as a second Reconstruction — a 50-year Reconstruction — that ended last night,” Gates said in an interview with Salon.

As artist’s we believe it is our duty, and our purpose, to speak for humanity and to reflect the times in which we exist. The recent events that took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, James Scurlock, and countless others have created a watershed moment for America and the World.

The “8:46” project was created to amplify the movement for racial and social justice. Our collective hope is that this project continues to push us to real action, self-reflection, and national reform in our political, municipal, and social responsibilities as Americans.

We ask that you put yourself in the shoes of those who have been beaten, died, or marginalized by words, laws, and hate. It is not a matter of timing, for…

“the time for justice, the time for freedom, and the time for equality is always, is always, right now.”

Please take a moment to… Listen. Reflect. Share and Act. – Garry Clark

Garry Clark – Writer & Performer/Co-Director/Producer – Find On Instagram

Kate Ryan Brewer – Co-Director/Producer – Find On Instagram

Koby Baffour – Co-Director/Editor – Find On Instagram

Jasmine Lord – Producer/ Add’l Photography – Find On Instagram

Darmyn Calderon – Editor/Add’l Photography

Joshus Carisma – Cinematographer

Michael Hennings – Cinematographer – Find On Instagram

Austin Lee Smoak – Cinematographer

Cody Gallo – Web & Engagement Design – Find On Instagram

Special Thanks to Melelani Satsuma

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Matt Walker

Matt Walker is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Omaha, Nebraska. He has presented original music at the contemporary performance festival, Omaha Under The Radar, and at the 2018 TEDxOmaha event, “Time To Engage.”

His current compositions range from intimate and introspective piano pieces to expansive, textural landscapes of constantly evolving sonic layers.

Matt is eager to expand his musical reach into film, TV, dance, and other collaborative projects in the future. 

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