A Creative Hothouse

“Throughout history, clubs of writers, philosophers and artists have formed, with thinkers in the same area gathering for discussion and collaboration. Can collectivity push talented individuals to greater things than they could achieve on their own?”
                        -Kate T. May


CNMA Collective seeks to...

Sustain a high level of innovative creativity for a significant period of time.
“Innovative creativity” means that the group creates objects, ideas, systems, or ways of doing things that did not previously exist.
This contrasts with the “maintenance” creativity characteristic of many cultures whose creative agenda is to nurture tradition.
Enter into the bloodstream of a culture.
The art, technology, ideas, social and political arrangements, and beliefs produced and inspired by intensely creative groups define the landscapes–physical and conceptual–through which future creators travel and draw inspiration.
While creativity is popularly viewed as the fruit of one person’s inspiration and dedication, it does not happen in a social vacuum.
Creative luminaries generally require a community of creators to fully express their gifts.
CNMA will stand at the center of a wider cultural movement.
The creative hothouse focuses currents of thought and activity flowing across a broad geographical area. The hothouse intensifies and invigorates these currents, transforming them into
something “rare and strange” that has a stunning impact upon contemporaries.
CNMA will create a new idiom,
a new way of doing things, that inspires and
drives the development of its creative products.

The CNMA Lens

Tenets for the group

1. Storytelling is critical to human life

“If I tell you a story about how to survive, you’ll be more
likely to actually survive than if I just give you facts.”
(C. Delistraty, Atlantic)

2. New Media (cinema online and mobile) needs to mature into it’s own medium and embrace its strengths over legacy media

3. “Critical and creative thinking are integrated, as are theory and practice.”

4. “Respect for mastery. Mastery defines quality standards to which all aspire.”

5. Immersion in each others work, absorbing creative influences.

6. “Encouragement of boundary-crossing between fundamental, dualistic structural elements.”

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Matt Walker

Matt Walker is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Omaha, Nebraska. He has presented original music at the contemporary performance festival, Omaha Under The Radar, and at the 2018 TEDxOmaha event, “Time To Engage.”

His current compositions range from intimate and introspective piano pieces to expansive, textural landscapes of constantly evolving sonic layers.

Matt is eager to expand his musical reach into film, TV, dance, and other collaborative projects in the future. 

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