As It Concerns Kyiv

Every now and then I can hear time…

And it sounds like the crunch of boots on snow

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“This all started as a poem that I wrote in a Kyiv coffee shop in late January. We started making this short film before Russia’s heinous February 24 attack on Ukraine. Having been evacuated from Kyiv a couple weeks prior, I wanted to make something in tribute to this beautiful city.

First, I reached out to my friend and editor, Darmyn, who was immediately on board. Second, I asked my friends if they’d want to contribute videos of Kyiv taken on their iPhones. Darmyn and I started to put it together.

Then Russia attacked.

Ukraine is experiencing unimaginable suffering at the hands of the Russian military. What we hope for with this modest short, now, is a reminder of Ukraine’s beauty and strength, and a plea to support Ukraine in its struggle for life and freedom.

After you watch, find out below how you can help. Thank you for listening.
Слава Україні.”

-Kate Ryan Brewer

Written & Directed by Kate Ryan Brewer
Editing by Darmyn Calderon
Music by Mike Lazarev
Kyiv Footage contributed by
Ingrid Elizabeth,
Michael Hennings,
Christina Macholan,
Mary Radchenko,
Kate Ryan Brewer
Florida Footage contributed by
Darmyn Calderon
Web Design by Cody Gallo

Supporting Ukrainian artists:

Support Ukraine – Host a Family

Support Ukraine – Educate & Amplify

Russia is attempting to wipe out Ukraine altogether. It’s important to learn about Ukrainian culture and amplify Ukrainian voices. Here are some ways to start:

-Read Ukrainian writers like Tetyana Denford

-Buy history books like “Red Famine” by Anne Applebaum

-Keep up-to-date on the news with reliable sources like the Kyiv Independent

-Learn Ukrainian recipes from Ukrainians like Olia Hercules

-Listen to Ukrainian music – there is so much, depending on what you like to
listen to. Do a quick google search and hear musicians like Dakhabrakha, Zwyntar, and more.

“This digital album, for example, was created specifically for Ukraine, and the
proceeds go to support displaced Ukrainian children and families. Presented by Mike Lazarev, whose powerful music is in “As It Concerns Kyiv.”

-Follow Ukrainian artists and activists, and listen to what they have to say.

Together, we can help Ukraine resist, survive, and rebuild better than ever.

героям слава

Matt Walker

Matt Walker is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Omaha, Nebraska. He has presented original music at the contemporary performance festival, Omaha Under The Radar, and at the 2018 TEDxOmaha event, “Time To Engage.”

His current compositions range from intimate and introspective piano pieces to expansive, textural landscapes of constantly evolving sonic layers.

Matt is eager to expand his musical reach into film, TV, dance, and other collaborative projects in the future. 

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