For Creators of New Media

Are you a filmmaker who goes out and shoots stories, creates cinematic art, and publishes content online despite all obstacles? We want to hear from and get connected with creators who don't wait for someone to give them the green light, or let lack of funding or investors stand in their way; people who must unleash their voice through visual storytelling no matter what.

The overall goal of this network is to harness the combined power of various artists to generate a broader audience than any one creator may have on their own. This will always remain a creator-owned network of series. You will never be asked to sign over or sell any of your creative rights.

Please use the contact form below if:

  • You're a creator and want to join the alliance.
  • You already have a series that you want to bring to the network.
  • You're developing a series that you may want to air though the CNMA Network.
  • You just want to stay abreast of new developments with the CNMA Network related to creators.¬†

(If you're more interested as an audience member, click over to our other contact form geared more toward fans)

You can also connect with us via social media