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The Creators of New Media Alliance seeks to build a community that recognizes New Media as the medium of emerging independent filmmakers and capture the independent spirit through a digital media platform, The CNMA Network.

The future generation of filmmakers are right now cutting their teeth, finding their voice, and proving themselves through web series and New Media content.

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Recognizing new media, or Internet Cinema, as a distinct medium that cannot be replicated on traditional television or theatrical platforms

Sitting on top of LA, literally in the shadow of the Hollywood Hills, the neighborhood of North Hollywood exists as a burgeoning arts and business district supporting young writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, creators and artists of all types. During the day they may serve coffee or tend bar, but on the evenings and weekends they go out to film their creative ideas.

It was in this environment, near the crossroads of Lankershim and Magnolia, that the Creators of New Media Alliance and The CNMA Network were first conceived. The NoHo Review seeks to regularly discuss the emerging trends in new media. It will do this through essays, reviews, interviews, and videos on the craft of the new media landscape.

An original series from The CNMA Network

The Pitch

Breaking the bounds of how creative, narrative cinema explores the social consciousness of current events dominating the news cycle – The Wire Service serves as an original series that brings forth a diverse set of voices telling stories focused through the lens of current events.